Rockshandy Gaming, is a group of like minded individuals, committed to displaying what Irish E-Sports is all about, having the craic(fun) and lots of banter(fun, but in a more sinister/insulting way) while gaming.

Located: Limerick mostly, Cork and a bit of Dublin.

We play primarily for fun, follow on any social medias and Twitch to keep an eye out for anything we're up to.

Everything: Colm "Arik" O'Dwyer

Dota 2 Manager:

World of Warcraft Manager:

League of Legends Manager:

Due to his lack of imagination, RSG member Gowan has a habit of naming his WoW character after something in the vicinity. Examples are Gowan(Due to a bottle of Ballygowan on his table), Kelkin(Packet of Kelkin popcorn), Mandarb(While reading wheel of time) etc.

On this particular occassion he had named his new Warrior 'ClubOrange'. Arik decided to level a char with him in PvP for some fun. Also a Warrior.

Gowan came up with the idea of Club Orange and Club Lemon being the perfect combo....and it all kind of rolled from there.

Our macro for battlegrounds was something along the lines of: "With the cool, refreshing taste of Club Orange, and the bitter, sweet taste of Club Lemon, we present to you, Rockshandy!". Needless to say we annoyed a lot of people that day, and hope to continue to do so for years to come.

"Rockshandy Gaming, striving for excellence in the annoyance of your common gamer"