With the host renewal fee coming up, we're going to make a last stitch effort to revive the RSG site. Get it more active.

We are looking to have one content manager in charge of each section, this has resulted in us dropping CS-GO and Hearthstone for now. If there is anyone who would be interested in assisting in any of these roles, or even for a game not previously ever mentioned, please get in touch.

Rockshandy have decided to revive the Shandycast, formerly known for its casting...experience, casting a few Dota games, and more notably casting League games with no clue what was going on.

This will become a new talk show series. It will stream live on Twitch and later be uploaded to the Rockshandy Youtube channel and will cover any relevant gaming topics. Whether this will be weekly/fortnight/monthly will depend on how much fun we have doing it, and the response it gets.

Although we thought that Diablo 3 ladders would provide a fun and competitive part of our website, it has come to our attention that the time and effort needed to make this work, would be better spent on the Counter Strike - Global Offensive scene.

In the coming weeks we will be looking into getting some content for this part of the website. Although not necessarily a team representation as seen on our Dota, Lol and WoW pages, that remains to be decided on. It will, at the very least, feature the Irish scene/tournaments as we can find them. Watch this space!

Rockshandy Gaming strives to further the Irish E-Sports for everyone, and as such we are going to feature a list of Irish streamers, and only Irish streamers, on our front page, so you can watch you're favourite games, played from the Irish perspective. We want to expand this list to be as big as possible, regardless of what game you might be playing, so if you do stream, please sign up.

If you would like you're stream to appear on our website, Use the "Contact Us" section of the Website, or alternatively contact us via Facebook, with your Twitch username and we will feature you're stream when you're online.

Rockshandy finally launches it's new website! Get active with our streamers, follow them on Twitch, check out their Youtubes, and like the Facebook page!