The Rockshandy guild makes it's home on Kazzak-EU fighting the good fight on behalf of the Horde.

  1. Kyalkin
  2. Keoboner
  3. Univox
  4. Jax
  5. Kappaorc
  6. Raginwilly
  7. Arcanan
  8. Luchtaine
  9. Pauladin

Hello chaps,

Rockshandy are looking to recruit anyone that fancies running Mythics, Mythic + and eventually giving raiding a wild stab. It could, and probably will go terribly wrong but we'll have a laugh on the way - right?

The guild's currently composed of rowdy Irish chaps & a myself - the token Brexit-Brit who has to deal with the incessant "banter" relating to our currency going down the pan; having to apply for a visa should I ever wish to visit Ireland again (etc etc). You get the gist.

We have an eclectic mix of new players and veterans / people that have jumped between expansions. I hardcore raided in Vanilla so if you need anyone for BWL or MC then i'm your man.

What we're looking for:

  • Anyone that is 110 and looking to have a bit of fun going through Mythic & Mythic + to start with.
  • People willing to repeatedly die when we decide it's a good or fun idea to raid.
  • People with good chat that can take a bit of banter. If you can't, you'll probably get fed up relatively quickly and leave of your own accord.
  • The ability to actually play your class is a big plus but not strictly required.

What we can offer YOU:

  • A state of the art Discord server filled with wonderful people and the occasional meme.
  • The opportunity to play with a Monk who has a legendary but doesn't know how to play. Old money.
  • Financial advice from one of the finest auctioneers this side of Nagrand.
  • Good craic.

When I asked our captain, leader, legend what our selling point is:

"Discord banter? To be honest, that's all I've got"

If people are interested in other games - we all play Dota/Overwatch/Football Manager from time to time so feel free to jump in on any ol' game.

If you're interested - reply here or drop us an add on the ol' Battlenet.


Kindest Regards,